Wednesday, April 28, 2010

City Blossoms - New Logo & Business Card/Seed Packets

As part of my GD4 class, I redesigned City Blossoms logo and business card. I wanted to create a City Blossoms logo that relied a clever mark that could be many things at once. At it’s core, it’s a C and a B, the initials of the organization. The marks on the outside could represent several things: a sun, a flower, a pollen particle, or something organic.

This version is black, but it can be reproduced in any color, which is evident in the business cards. The cards are printed on brown craft paper, and have a textured feel to them. Someone in the class noted that they look screen printed, though they are simply printed on an inkjet printer.

(they look slightly wrinkled in the photos, but they really aren't)

The cards also double as seed packets. The different colored packets each represent the different contents of the packages (ie red is for tomato, yellow
for sunflowers). The cards are meant to have a fun design to reflect the nature of the organization. The squares on the back mimic the stepping stones in the gardens.

MemphisWeaver Logo - Work in Progress

Today during class, I tried coming up with some possible logos for MemphisWeaver. Here are the initial sketches:

Then, I came up with this logo, loosely based upon an image from this post on the MW blog.

The pattern on the image entitled "Shaded Twill Weave Scarf on Loom" reminded me of M's and W's.

This is still not finished however. I may change it completely and make it look even more like a pattern from one of the pieces.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Unused Image

I made this for them, but the dimensions were wrong, and the content would probably offend people.

A long time ago...


Something old from freshman year that I still like.

It's a planet I made in photoshop. Photo Illustrations

Made these for (Life Magazine) as a freelance job.

(The gun/battery one was not used)

Posted in Life's Real or Fake gallery online.

Clawboy Sketch

As I mentioned in this post, Kelly Miller and I are going to work together to make Clawboy into an actual graphic novel. She drew a great rough sketch of how she envisions the character.

Robot Food

During my freshman year, I made a few weird illustrations of robots eating robot food.


Some political stuff from 2 years ago.

Barack Obieber

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vomit Typography Animation

A typographical animation of the word vomit.

Click Here to Watch


A few photos.

Preview of Business Cards/Seed Packets

Preview of the logo I made on a business card/seed packet for City Blossoms. The final one will come in 6 different colors. More/better pics soon.

Logo Process

For my GD4 class, I had to redesign City Blossoms, an organization that teaches children how to garden.

I decided to work on their logo. I started out with this abstract mark:

It is meant to be a C and a B in the shape of something organic, like bud or a leaf or even a droplet of water. However, it was also reminiscent of a flame, and was somewhat difficult to read as the letters.

I eventually came up with this new mark using the C and the B, that looked like a sun or a flower.

The class and I agreed that this mark was superior, so I got to work perfecting it:

So now, here is the current (and possibly final) version of the logo. It comes in different colors.

Infographic: The Deedometer

For about 2 weeks, I tracked the amount of times I was nice and the amount of times I was mean to select people, as well as my actions.

Some facts may have been embellished, but who cares.

Old Me

I never fully completed this because school work got in my way, but here is what I will look like when I am older (maybe 5 years from now).




The first two posters are for the bands Thievery Corporation and Yeasayer. Both posters were used for their shows in Baltimore.

These next three posters are promotional materials for a really bad horror movie I helped shot called Reservoir Hill. I helped design/built the costumes, and took all the photos in my basement.

Some Videos

Lexington Harvest is a documentary I shot about the illegal organ harvesting going on by Lexington Market in Baltimore.

The Quest for Color is an experimental video I made freshman year.

Finally, here is an assortment of time lapse videos I made:


Sometime ago, I took a screenwriting class at MICA. During the course, I managed to develop a 126 page script entitled Clawboy.

It was about a young boy with lobster claws for arms and his struggle to fit into normal society. On his journey, he runs into many different types of freaks and monsters, all of whom have their own unique backstories and personalities.

The script was well received by those who read it.

At this point, there are no plans to make it into an actual movie, but Kelly Miller, a talented illustrator, has agreed to help me turn it into a graphic novel.